Girlfriend Time


Don’t cha just love it?  And sometimes it comes at a time or on a day when you need it soooo bad!  And after your time together everything seems so much better.  Like you have just had a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.  I have had two of those times recently.

The first was at CKU-A in SLC.  We have had such a busy summer with the kids and all of their sporting events that there has been no ME TIME.  And believe me, I NEED MY ME TIME!  So the weekend of August 3-7 I got to spend quality time with my friends Angie from Indiana, and Marlo and Linda from Cali, along with Linda’s darling daughter-in-law Julie.  We had THE best time!  It was so great to just relax, enjoy good friends and renew my desire to scrapbook. 

Last night was the other girlfriend time that came on a day, during a week that I really needed it!  I spent the evening drinking wine with my awesome friends Debbie and Patti.  Debbie had just returned from 10 days (or something like that), in Lake Tahoe so we needed to catch up with each other.  It was so nice to relax and talk about everything and anything.  These two women are just amazing!  I can’t say enough about them.  They always listen to me unload all my problems and offer me friendship and support.  They never judge me or make me feel like my concerns are invalid.  They are both incredible mothers and wives.  They truly are an inspiration to me.  I am so happy that we somehow found our ways into each others lives and families. 

So, here’s to the amazing women in my life!  Too many to list, but I thank you all for the frienships, fun times, laughter and tears! 

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
– Anais Nin


2 thoughts on “Girlfriend Time”

  1. jean - August 19, 2005 7:02 am

    I agree totally! Love girlfriend time. It does wonders for us.
    love the T-shirts you made for you and madi too!

  2. Angiq - August 19, 2005 1:18 pm

    Hey, I loved the time we spent together too. Thanks for the extra hugs and sweatpants. It really helped.


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