Okay, I think I am finally done messing with the banner of this page.  I seriously cannot figure out how to insert a picture and not have it all skewed because of the size of the banner.  Thanks to Donna Downey for trying to help me!  I’m just a nerd!  So, this is the banner that stays until I can figure it out.

Today is Thursday, although I swear when I woke up I thought it was Friday.  I got all excited that it was the last workday of the week…. and then the reality hit.  UGH! 

I have been moved up to the front desk at work…. and now I sit far away from everyone else in the office.  I feel like I’ve been put in time-out for not playing well with others!  It’s sad.  I’m lonely.  Ü

Have a great Thursday everyone!  It’s almost FRIDAY!  WOO HOO!


One thought on “Banners”

  1. Linda Beeson - August 18, 2005 10:23 am

    HI FRIEND!!! If you are lonely sitting in the time-out corner, then I will join you – OK? We could do lunch? Would that ever be too cool? LOVE YOU and thanks for helping make CKU-A a blast! Linda


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