The Weekend


What a weekend!  I’m kind of glad it is over though!  The weekend started off with an end of season swim party for Madi’s softball team on Friday night .  The party was for parents and players and was a lot of fun.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them developed.  Friday also marked the end of two-a-day football practices for Tyson.  Phew!  What a relief!  What a long week for him.

Saturday brought softball tryouts for Madison for the 2006 Utah Sting team.  You can see her team website here: According to Madi, she did "okay".  I’m sure she did great, as Madi is not one to boast or pat herself on the back.  She’ll know on Friday the 19th whether or not she made the team.  We don’t have any doubts, but you never know!

Tyson had his first real scrimmage of the year.  It was the Red and Gold game for his high school team.  He was on the Red team (which won…. YEA!).  He did great and had so much fun.  He absolutely LOVES football.  Even though 2-a-days were brutal, he loved every minute of it.  This year will be harder for Tyson since he is a sophmore and playing time will be harder to come by.  With all the juniors and seniors ahead of him it will be a year of learning and patience!  Here are some photos of the game. Football_2

Tyson is #3 on Red and #80 on gold. 

We also attended a 16th birthday party for Tyson’s friend Chris.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!  We love spending time with the Hanings!  We had pizza and wine and just hung out while all the kids did their thing!  FUN!

Sunday, Tyson and I hung out at the pool with Patti and Chris Haning.  It was so nice and relaxing.  Madi chose to stay home, as she had 3 sleepovers the week before and was exhausted!  I don’t blame her.

That is our weekend in a nutshell.  I saw my niece Erin for the first time in weeks!  She has grown up so much!  She spent most of the summer with Chris and Amy at the ranch.  I was glad to see her though…. I sure miss her.

Now it is back to the grind.  UGH!  Work isn’t so fun these days.  I am moving back up to the phones on Thursday.  Along with all my other work, I am now the receptionsist and responsible for a whole other mess of stuff.  Needless to say, I am looking around for something else.  For my sanity! Ü

If you do read this blog… feel free to comment me.  So at least I know someone out there is wondering how we are doing! Ü


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